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3 July 2020

Mole Trapping

ARE MOLES RUINING YOUR LAWN? Rats or Mice problems? Rabbits causing damage to your fields and paddocks? Birds give you the flyaround and

15 May 2020

Holy Batman!

A customer had a problem with bats roosting in the roof space of their premises, entering and leaving from its

29 March 2019

Carried out to keep all areas pest free and is ‘Pro-active Pest Control’ encompassing all aspects of our integrated services.

27 February 2019

Facts about the common mouse Usually ground feeding and burrowing but often climbs Preferred food is cereals You may also

13 February 2019

A Squirrel now removed from attic but just look at the damage it’s done to the pipe insulation wiring on

21 January 2019


Signs Of Rodents: Droppings, Stale urine odour, Gnawing Marks, Smear Marks, Rodent Nests, Noises

7 January 2019


Rodents are carriers of at least 35 diseases that plague commercial, industrial and residential properties.