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Carried out to keep all areas pest free and is ‘Pro-active Pest Control’ encompassing all aspects of our integrated services.

Bird Problems? NOISE Gulls can be a disturbance and irritating. ROOFTOP NESTING Mess can block downpipes and guttering & attract

Dove Cote Cleaning Service Bird dropping removal Pre spray with chemicals Thorough clean inside and out Pressure wash to finish

Facts about the common mouse Usually ground feeding and burrowing but often climbs Preferred food is cereals You may also

There are numerous diseases known to be associated with pigeon droppings: histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis and psittacosis. These can cause health problems and left to

14 February 2019

Common gull species The Kittiwake Gull (Rissa tridiactyla) The killiwake is a medium size and has a grey back and

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