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Fed up with birds under your panels filling your gutters up, making a mess on floor? Solar panels require very

The nest was completely removed, and treated. Simply a Professional wasp nest treatment and removal. Call today Posted by Neil’s

A man in Exeter had been spotted standing on a roof holding an upside down broom, attempting to bat away

3 July 2020

ARE MOLES RUINING YOUR LAWN? Rats or Mice problems? Rabbits causing damage to your fields and paddocks? Birds give you the flyaround and

Have a wasp problem? Professional service • Trained • Insured • Qualified No damage to your property while treating the

15 May 2020

A customer had a problem with bats roosting in the roof space of their premises, entering and leaving from its

Rats are thriving across the UK, the British Pest Control Association is warning, with milder winters encouraging the increase. The

Leeds Rat Run Posted by BBC Yorkshire Facebook Page You may also like Rat Control Rodent Control Signs of Rodents

Bear a thought BIRDS cause chaos and in the worst cases can even KILL!!! We are environmental specialists managing all

Carried out to keep all areas pest free and is ‘Pro-active Pest Control’ encompassing all aspects of our integrated services.